Will BONE reclaim its $3 position? Should we expect a new ATH?


Bone token, the governance power token of the SHIB Army, is on the way to expect new growth. Currently trading at $0.4681, the bone token is now available under perpetual contracts on SuperEx crypto exchange and a completely new population of traders and investors are there to welcome it.

Bone future contract

SuperEx crypto exchange notified twitter with a post sharing that the perpetual contract of Shib’s Bone token with USDT pair will be launched. Further information containing complete details about this launch is available at their official announcement page. 

Bone will be available to be traded with the USDT pair and the exchange is providing a leverage multiple between 1 to 10x. BONE will be the underlying asset and USDT will play as the settlement asset.

The perp trading will provide users with three modes : Cross position, Isolated position and Split-position. The exchange has also issued a risk disclaimer which states that depending on the market risk conditions, they may adjust the parameters of BONE perpetual trading from time to time.

This information got confirmed when Lucie, the marketing lead at Shib quoted SuperEx’s tweet and captioned $BONE.

Source: SuperEx Twitter

Following this news, the excitement level of the SHIB Army was through the roof, results of the poll conducted by SuperEx crypto exchange provides its evidence.

They asked “What #Crypto are you trading today? The votes clearly showed how much the Shib army is excited about this event. A whooping 72% of the votes are in the favor of $BONE, where Blast received 9.6% votes, others 16.1% vote and Giga received the lowest vote percentage at 2.2.

Source: SuperEx Twitter

The future awaits

The Shib community is one of the strongest members of the crypto ecosystem and has supported the Shib token even in the darkest times. The launch of Shib’s Bone token perpetual contract on SuperEx exchange is a promising sign for its growth. The community can expect to see a spike in the price of Bone, as SuperEx is one of the major exchanges  registered in Canada with a high number of registered users. Numbers speak for themselves. The exchange has a whooping 10 million registered users and around 343,000 twitter followers. This launch will serve the Bone token to a complete new potential traders and investors bringing the hope to raise the price to create a new all time high.

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