What Is Internxt? Best Wallets For INXT Tokens And How To Buy? » CoinFunda

What Is Internxt? Best Wallets For INXT Tokens And How To Buy? » CoinFunda

What Is Internxt?: Internxt is an online open-source, innovative, and decentralized platform with a variety of websites, applications, and distributed files. It is simply specified as a brand new internet with an efficient cloud computing system. Its decentralized cloud helps in solving the Internet’s technical flaws. It comes under the category of finance and it allows the users to access cryptocurrencies with the help of its blockchain technology.


It modifies the organization of the internet by introducing revolutionary and effective technologies. It permits crowdfunding with a total supply of around 49,375,000.


Internxt is the next generation internet, which was founded on 1st July 2017 in Valencia, Spain. Fran Villalba Segarra is the Founder as well as the chief executive officer (CEO) of this platform. The legal entity that is operated behind Internxt is ‘Internxt Universal Technologies SLU’.


Why InterNxt?

Nowadays, the modern internet is being organized in such a way that all the applications, files, and websites are hosted by enterprises on centralized servers. This affects the users’ privacy since all the details are open to everyone. In fact, anyone can use google to track information about anything from anywhere in this world.


It is very dangerous to keep all the files on a single server since hackers can easily track the information on those files. But a decentralized platform like Internxt will never ever allow any hacker to get information. Even if a hacker tries to track details beyond this, he or she will only be able to track a bit of an encrypted file. They cannot be able to get the complete information. The reason behind it is that the hacker will not know the targeted server for making an attack.


Since Internxt is a decentralized network, it enables the splitting of files into several pieces and also allows encryption of those pieces. Then with the help of peer – to – peer mechanism, the encrypted pieces will be spread across different servers. Internxt will permit access and pay for those people, who are hosting the file pieces.


How to Buy InterNxt (INXT)?

Currently, INXT token is listed on the following exchanges. You can exchange them against your BTC or ETH.


Best Internxt (INXT) Wallets:


A Recap of Internxt ICO:

Internxt is a legally registered entity in Valencia, Spain as Internxt Universal Technologies SLU. Internxt launched their ICO program to allow users to participate in the development with the minimum goal for the project is 500 ETH, and the maximum limit of 150,000 ETH. With the thought, If ICO crosses the maximum goal limit they will be able to develop the complete environment while with a minimum raised cap of 500 ETH Internxt will be able to develop a basic version of decentralized file storage technology (dCDN). Even if they fail to raise the minimum cap they will continue with the development of the technology.

  • 10 % bonus tokens will be given for the first 15% INXT sold.
  • 5% bonus tokens will be given for the second 15% set of tokens (so up to 30%).
  • For the services, INXT token will be used as a payment method.
  • Tokens will be issued as per the ERC20 Ethereum standard.
  • Tokens issued per ETH: 300
  • Minimum ether to collect 500 ETH
  • Maximum ether to collect 150,000 ETH
  • Tokens generated for Internxt’s team 2.5% of total sold tokens after the ICO
  • Tokens generated for Internxt 5% of total sold tokens after the ICO
  • Date and Time of start September 7th, 2017, 07.00 PM GMT 22
  • ICO Completed on: September 28th, 2017, 07.00 PM GMT


Unique features of Internxt:

  • It is highly safe and secure in nature.
  • It protects the privacy of the users. It overcomes all the privacy issues associated with the modern internet.
  • It offers several rewards to highly experienced writers, who are able to write perfect and efficient reviews.
  • It uses the best-decentralized technologies, while compared with the other competitor sites like the crowdfunding platforms.
  • It does not require any specific technical knowledge for accessing it.
  • X Core and X Cloud will now come with live support.

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