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The SEC’s Window To Approve Bitcoin Spot ETF Is Narrowing, Bloomberg Analyst 


As optimism mounts on the likely approval of a bunch of Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) applications, Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart has pointed out on Twitter (now X) that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will have a narrow window between January 8 and 10 to make its decision either to reject or approve the proposals.

The development comes as part of a submission made by the agency on the Franklin Templeton and Hashed spot BTC ETF application. In the filing, the SEC promises to “process and review” comments from the public regarding the application. These comments should be submitted to the agency by January 5, 2024.

According to Bloomberg’s Seyffart, the condition to have all public comments submitted by January 5 implies that the approval could take place before January 10.

The SEC Could Approval Multiple Bitcoin Spot ETFs

The SEC currently has more than 12 Bitcoin spot ETFs to consider for approval or rejection. Several companies including BlackRock and Grayscale have amended their proposals, ensuring that they are airtight and ready for launch into the market.

Grayscale, which won a case against the SEC on the request to convert its Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) shares into a spot ETF is believed to have a higher chance of getting the approval.

The SEC tends to approve multiple proposals like it did with Ethereum futures ETFs. This ensures that all companies interested in operating the revolutionary products get an equal chance in the market.

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What’s The Impact of BTC Spot ETF Approval

An exchange-traded fund would allow investors, especially institutional to seek exposure to Bitcoin indirectly. This would be achieved through the purchase of shares of an investment product tracking Bitcoin spot price via a stock exchange broker like you would shares of a publicly listed company.

Investing in the ETF saves investors the hustle of navigating the complex world of digital assets on crypto exchanges while eliminating custody requirements such as having to secure private keys. Spot ETFs would also increase demand for Bitcoin not to mention the assurance that Bitcoin is now a mature asset class.

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