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The best upcoming gaming tokens to put on your portfolio


There seem to be a lot of cryptocurrencies coming out almost every day. But in recent months, blockchain gaming tokens have attracted the attention of many investors, and for good reason. Here is why:

  • Blockchain gaming is going to be huge in the coming years and those who get in early will benefit.

  • With the upcoming growth of the metaverse, blockchain gaming tokens have the potential to become hot.

  • Also, a big portion of these tokens tends to be low microcap coins with the potential to expand fast.

For investors who are looking for the next big coin in the blockchain gaming space, here are a few coins to consider:

Polygon (MATIC)

Now, Polygon (MATIC) is not a gaming token, but the way the chain is positioning itself to take advantage of the gaming world is interesting. The Polygon foundation has for example made several investments in metaverse and blockchain gaming projects. 

cryptoData Source: Tradingview

We also expect that the chain will see a huge share of blockchain games coming to it more than any other blockchain. This positions MATIC to win big if blockchain gaming explodes.

Want to learn how to safely invest in Polygon? Check out our comprehensive Polygon buying guide here or purchase from our recommended platform below!

Atlantis world (ATIS)

Atlantis World (ATIS) is an upcoming web 3.0 social metaverse that incorporates various aspects of blockchain gaming into its system. The platform will begin beta testing in February 2022 with the hope of launching a few weeks later. Its native utility token will be known as ATIS and can be used for staking as well. The game is built on Solana (SOL).

League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is a multiplayer strategy game that allows users to earn and trade NFTs. At the time of writing, the game had over 400,000 active daily users. How it has managed to go under the radar is beyond understanding. If you are looking for the next Axie Infinity, then League of Kingdoms is worth a look in.

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