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Temperature For Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), Algorand (ALGO) and Litecoin (LTC) Rising  –



In the crypto market, both well-known and newly-discovered currencies may become successful. Every bull run has an attention-grabbing coin that draws attention by having its value soar by stratospheric levels.


Let’s see why experts predict that in 2023, Orbeon Protocol which is in phase 3 of its presale has the potential to grow 6000% and surpass currencies like Algorand (ALGO) and Litecoin (LTC).

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) 


Crowdfunding is being revolutionized by Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), which has created equity-based NFTs that allows anyone to contribute even $1 to up-and-coming start-ups. These fractionalized NFTs will be made available through the Orbeon Protocol’s Exchange platform. 


Orbeon Protocol’s platform will allow businesses to raise capital, all while eliminating the gap between them and their community. Orbeon Protocol will lower the entry barriers to the venture capital industry, giving everyone a chance to participate. 


Investors wishing to become VIPs will have access to an exclusive club called “Winner’s Circle.” By becoming a member of this Circle, you get exclusive access to private investment rounds, in-person interactions with company owners, and numerous other benefits thanks to the OrbeonProtocol.


Orbeon Protocol’s presale price is currently only $0.0362, and expectations are high. Some crypto experts even state that the coin may reach $0.24 by the end of the presale. That is a 6,000% soar


Algorand (ALGO)


Algorand (ALGO) is known as a decentralized, independent blockchain network. Algorand (ALGO) provides a huge selection of safe, effective, and flexible programs.

In the last week, the price of Algorand (ALGO) has dropped by 12% to its current point of $0.1685. This occurred after the recent collapse of the cryptocurrency sector, which resulted in the value of Algorand (ALGO) sinking. 


Algorand (ALGO) has been showing red charts this month. Algorand (ALGO) saw a massive 30% loss of value in the last 30 days alone. This drop has made Algorand (ALGO) investors seek other projects to recoup their losses. 


Litecoin (LTC) 


With the help of the global cryptocurrency network Litecoin (LTC), users may transmit transactions quickly and efficiently around the globe. Activity confirmations for Litecoin (LTC) payments typically take a few minutes, and costs are hardly noticeable.


This use case helped Litecoin (LTC) reach its all-time high of $412.96 in 2021. But, in 2022, the bear market hit Litecoin (LTC) hard. Litecoin (LTC) is worth $65.57, a 15% fall from just a month ago. And that peak of $412.96 is now a distant memory for Litecoin (LTC) investors.


Due to these conditions, more and more Litecoin (LTC) holders are worried about the project and whether it will be able to reach new peaks again.


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