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SYS Labs announces mainnet launch for EVM-L2 platform Rollux


  • SYS Labs has scheduled the Rollux mainnet launch date as June 28, 2023.
  • Rollux is an EVM-compatible Layer-2 scaling platform.
  • The mainnet launch is expected after a successful testnet and positive feedback from the community.

SYS Labs has announced the mainnet release of its EVM-L2 scaling platform Rollux will be on June 28, 2023.

Rollux is an Optimistic rollup fork and will deliver the key features the blockchain ecosystem needs to achieve mass adoption – speed, security, affordability, and scalability.

Rollux testnet successful

According to the SYS Labs team, the upcoming mainnet launch follows the dry-run test of the Rollux  mainnet, with community feedback being positive. The testnet version is now set to see the mainnet rolled out to the public, who will benefit from an EVM experience offering faster, cheaper and secure transactions at scale.

Rollux mainnet will have a two second transaction finality secured by Bitcoin, the team said in a press release.

SYS Labs CEO Jagdeep Sidhu said in a comment:

Our vision has always been to bridge the gap between the existing capabilities of blockchain and the needs of users, developers, and enterprises. Rollux is that bridge.”

SYS Labs has recently rolled out several products and services tailored to allow users fully leverage Rollux’s capabilities. These include the AI-infused social platform SuperDapp, DeFi exchange Pegasys, NFT platform Luxy, and web wallet Pali Wallet. 

There’s also DAOSYS, a new standard for decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) models, and Camada, a non-custodial, regulatory-compliant asset management tool for institutions and retail.

In addition, the Syscoin ecosystem is set to host multiple partners expected to build on Rollux when it goes live.

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