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Stablecoins, Gold Coming to Bitcoin? Thanks to Taproot Assets By Lightning Labs


On Wednesday, October 18, Lightning Labs unveiled an exciting update with the release of Taproot Assets. This new feature will allow developers a seamless experience for issuing, managing, and exploring stablecoins and other assets atop the Bitcoin blockchain network.

About Taproot Assets on Lightning Network

The release of Taproot Assets v0.3 provides builders with the essential tools to transform Bitcoin into a multi-asset network while ensuring scalability and preserving the core principles of the Bitcoin system. This protocol shall operate by using the existing Bitcoin Liquidity on the Lightning Network.

It is a significant step from Lightning Labs toward making Bitcoin a global financial routing network. Thus, the Bitcoin network will see a number of global currencies issued as Taproot Assets with several foreign exchange transactions settled instantly over the Lightning Network.

In Taproot Assets v0.3, the addition of asset-burn APIs simplifies asset redemption processes for issuers. By securely burning assets from the supply, issuers can then confidently release the corresponding real-world assets on-chain.

Furthermore, the update allows users to conduct on-chain Taproot Assets transactions without requiring both parties to be simultaneously online, enhancing the flexibility and convenience of asset transfers.

Bitcoinizing Global Assets

The Lightning Network community has witnessed strong growth, especially in the emerging market ever since El Salvador made Bitcoin a legal tender in 2021. This is because Lightning Network offers instant settlements, low fees, and peer-to-peer Bitcoin transactions without any financial intermediaries.

At the same time, the demand for stablecoins is growing rapidly. The fact that stablecoin issuers hold more US Treasuries than major developed countries such as Germany and South Korea underlines the global significance of these assets and provides a perspective on the substantial scale of global user demand for them.

Developers have been exploring real-world assets such as gold, US Treasuries, corporate bonds with programmatic coupon payments, and more. Bitcoin, with its global liquidity, decentralization, and security, offers the ideal platform for scaling these experiments to a mass market level. The Lightning Network provides the exact experience by using Bitcoin’s unparalleled security and decentralization features.

Top market players like Binance and Coinbase have been making efforts to integrate Lightning Network at their end. This shall provide a further boost to Bitcoin adoption in the global community.

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