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Stablecoin Issuer, Tether Developing Bitcoin Mining Software


The Tether developer team is getting set to launch new JavaScript libraries that are designed to transfer commands and signals to Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware like WhatsMiner, AvalonMiner and Antminer devices. 

Tether Bitcoin Mining Software Will be Open Sourced

This new Tether BTC mining software which is “high-quality, polished and modular,” will ensure that mining capacity is managed more efficiently. 

According to an August 5th tweet by Bitfinex and Tether Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Paolo Ardoino, sections of this software will eventually be released on open-source platforms. 

Ardoino highlighted that he is a core contributor to the architecture of Moria, a mining farms orchestration instrument. All of these latest developments are based on Holepunch technology. 

The Tether CTO had earlier released a tweet about the functionality of Moria. The mining instrument facilitates easy communication between items in the BTC mining ecosystem. Moria helps them interact in a way that is more streamlined, secure, attack-resistant and cost-efficient.

“Each device / miner will be identified by a pub/priv key and can stream data (hypercores) / receive commands (via hyperswarms) in an encrypted and secure way. Lower firewall configuration complexity, more resilient to failures, easy replication across sites. Feels more maintainable and modular than whatever we tried today,” Ardoino explained.

Tether is Doubling Down on the Bitcoin Mining Sector

Generally, Tether has been doing so much in the crypto mining sector even in the face of all its legal challenges and enforcement actions for regulators. 

Shortly after revealing its plans to allocate a certain percentage of its monthly profit to purchasing BTC, the stablecoin issuer announced its investment in energy production and sustainable BTC mining. The crypto protocol launched Tether Energy in Uruguay in partnership with a local licensed company.

Ardoino mentioned that the new firm will leverage cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and financial innovation for Bitcoin mining while using renewable energy sources to control its carbon footprint. 

Currently, Uruguay is recognized for its infrastructure in the field of renewable energy. Markedly, almost 100% of its electricity comes from renewable resources owing to its abundant natural resources. Considering all these favourable factors, Tether believes that it made the right choice.

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