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Robert Kiyosaki Teases Bitcoin (BTC) as Solution to Hyperinflation


Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned financial expert and writer of the bestseller, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ is once again positive about the role of Bitcoin (BTC) among other assets that can help individuals combat the current menace of hyperinflation.

The Robert Kiyosaki Acquisition

According to the investment veteran, many people now get the true meaning of inflation wrong. He said while many believe hyperinflation implies that prices are going up, in reality, it means prices are going down. 

He emphasized that the purchasing power of people in a country with hyperinflation is actually lower as they cannot buy so much with soaring prices. In a bid to prevent this and stay safe, Robert Kiyosaki recommended to his global audience to buy Gold, Bitcoin (BTC), and Silver.

“Many people think HYPERINFLATION means prices are going UP. It means the exact opposite. Hyperinflation means the purchasing power of your money is going down. Don’t be a loser. Buy gold, silver, & Bitcoin and be a winner not a loser,” he said in a post shared on X.

Robert Kiyosaki is one of the highly consistent proponents of Bitcoin and for some time now, he has not waivered in his advocacy that BTC can truly be an antidote to curing hyperinflation. There are many countries in the world that stand to benefit from this call, with Argentina and Turkey almost topping the charts.

In reality, these nations have a positive leaning toward Bitcoin and the embrace of the digital currency in these areas has shown truly that it might be the digital gold that it is often called.

Is Bitcoin a True Hedge Against Inflation

According to the core selling points of Bitcoin over the past few years, it is a major hedge against inflation seeing its prices tend to do better in periods that are generally characterized by high inflationary trends.

With many governments around the world fighting inflation through the hiking of interest rates, Bitcoin has grown by more than 60% year-to-date, coming off as a better bet for anyone who acquires and holds on to it. MicroStrategy, with its consistent accumulations, has notably complemented the Bitcoin-as-a-hedge against inflation narrative.

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