Reserve Rights [RSR]: Insights & Why RSR Is a Good Investment For Q2 ’21 and Beyond

Reserve Rights [RSR]: Insights & Why RSR Is a Good Investment For Q2 ’21 and Beyond

What’s special about Reserve Rights Token (RSR)? 

RSR – Reserve Rights is a utility token of the Reserve Protocol for a stablecoin built on the Ethereum network.

When the Reserve Right’s team wanted to build a long-term stablecoin, they made several design decisions, including an asset peg bound to a fiat currency for a short time but is tied to a basket of assets in the long run. It will be completely collateralized with a decentralized issuance system. 

The Reserve Protocol contains a double symbolic model: the RSR utility token and the RSV stablecoin supported by a basket of assets as security.

The RSV, however, a global stablecoin and a sophisticated payment system for individuals and organizations in hyperinflationary countries.

 Reserve began as a fiat-pegged stablecoin that will eventually migrate to a variety of asset-backed Stable-currency.  

Future of RSR Token

Ongoing Development on the Reserve Rights – RSR Github, significant partnerships/collaborations, progress made so far. 

Reserve is a digital currency with a stable, real-world value that helps to scale prosperity and enable global economies to protect and use their money globally.

Reserve aims to save citizens of economies that are currently going through hyperinflation.

The Reserve Rights project is an open-source project with 23 repositories with no published releases.

  • The RSR smart-contract repository

RSR github crypto
Source: github

The RSR smart-contract repository forked from the KyberNetwork/smart-contract repository can be found at reserve-protocol/smart-contracts and currently has 1587 commits.

RSR stablecoin crypto
Source: github

Reserves Stablecoin RSV can be explored at Reserve-protocol/RSV-v2, having three significant contributors and 316 commits at the time of this post.

There’s a significant amount of development activities on the Reserve Rights Github page, and there is a lot of room for further development as the project looks to add more assets soon.

RSR partnerships & collaborations

The global stablecoin adoption and rampant hyperinflation in Venezuela and Argentina have helped push Reserve Rights to a new all-time high. 

 BTC, Nunfungible Tokens (NFTs), and High-yielding decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms have drawn new forms of investments towards the cryptocurrency sector in the past few months. 

 This focus, according to experts, has glossed over the fact that it is a positive development in a stable coin that will help kick off the 2021 bull market and set the pace for a bright future.

 Also, the adoption of RSR in some of the countries with hyperinflation has clearly shown that RSR tokens’ future is guaranteed and will gain more in values over time as it gains mass adoption and mass usage.

Since declaring that the Reserve application would open to each Venezuelan on the shortlist, RSR has consistently expanded. The Reserve client base has developed, which has decidedly affected Venezuelans’ lives as a formidable money alternative.

Reserve Rights token (RSR) Partnerships

 The RSR token project has cooperated and partnered with the following:

  •   Venezuelan Government
  •   7 Mobile Africa (Biggest Mobile Phone importer in Angola) – link

 Institutional Investors

  •   Coinbase
  •   Digital Currency Group
  •   Refactor Capital
  •   Fenbushi Capital
  •   Rocket Fuel
  •   GSR

Other nations that Reserve Rights is looking to expand into Panama, Argentina, Colombia are additionally suffering an economic downturn and hyperinflation, which means there is no lack of users who might profit from having access to the use of Reserve Right Token.

Reserve Rights token (RSR) 2021 Road Map & Recent Update

The followings are the concise Reserve protocol road map for 2021 

  • While in private beta, the team will continue improving and refining the program and automating its main processes.
  • There’ll also be continuous testing and release of modified iterations of the software and training many more people until there’s the confidence of scaling.
  • Online transactions will be enabled to activate the application’s self-care feature. 

RSR’s Competition analysis with similar projects 

 The Reserve token is one of the several new blockchain technologies addressing specific industry issues.

 One of the strongest competitions for RSR is DAI. The two of them were launched in 2019 and had the potentials for the market’s growth and dominance, putting both of them in a win-win situation.

 Also, Libra (Now DIEM) tends to be a close competition as it solves a similar problem as RSR. 

 DIEM, when finally launched, its news and exposure will prompt more of its adaptors to research RSR and instantly move for adoption because some people will trust RSR as it has been in existence long enough. 

 The competitions, whichever way you look at it, will not harm RSR. It will somewhat boost its acceptance, usage, and coverage, which is a positive sign of excellent liquidity.

RSR Token 2021 Price Levels and Projections

  • RSR/USDT Weekly Chart Analysis

RSR chart crypto
RSR chart from TradingView

The RSR vs. USDT switched its polarity to a bullish trend after breaking above the significant resistance level 0.00998 (05 Oct’ 20) on 12 Oct ’21 (0.01188) and proceed to enter the RSI overbought level-70.

After a later golden cross of the MA-10 and MA-20, subsequent price correction towards the MA-10 and significant bearish inside bar resistance exposed the presence of exhausted bears an opportunity to scale into the uptrend on 30 Nov ’20, 18 Jan ’21, and 22 Feb ’21.

The more recent price close above the 0.05922 resistance sets the stage for uncharted price levels.

RSR chart crypto
RSR chart by TradingView

A monthly chart overview of the RSRBTC shows a massive inflow of BTC investors into the RSR token as the crypto-pair exits the relative strength index’s oversold area on 01 Feb ’21.

  • RSR price prediction 2021

A bullish closing price within the 01 Feb ’21 high-low range of the RSRBTC confirms an increase in demand for the RSR token and a surge in its worth towards the 01 Aug ’20 all-time high.  Similarly, the RSRUSDT could surge to 5X from the current price level to around the $0.53 price zone.

Is the RSR token a Good Investment for the future? 

Considering the massive flow of BTC Bitcoin into the RSR Reserve Rights token, we expect an explosion of the RSR price in April after the closing price of March if the RSRBTC closes within the February high-low range in March.

Conversely, a monthly close above the 0.00000167 resistance of the RSRBTC would imply a possible bull-trap candlestick structure which could lead to a sharp correction of the exchange rate before the trend can continue higher.

So yes, the RSR token is a good crypto project to consider investing adding to your investment portfolio for a stable ROI.

  • Market Cap projections (10x, 100x, etc.) and demand/supply scenario

Following the analysis on the RSRUSDT and RSRBTC, we can confirm an increase in demand for the RSR token as we advance further into the second quarter of 2021, and we can see a 5X rise of the Marlet Cap in 2021.


As an investor, we liken the RSR project to an investment in a traditional index fund. Its rising trend is stable, not erratic, and can make for sustainable returns in the long term.

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