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Minima to partner mobility industry giants on innovative blockchain solutions


Blockchain’s use across the world continues to gather massive traction, with use cases in virtually every aspect of the global society.

And decentralized protocol Minima is set to add to that with its selection to the MobilityXlab program.

Announced recently, the program will see the blockchain platform take part in an initiative aimed at creating new solutions in the vehicle and mobile communication world.

Hugo Feiler, CEO at Minima said:

 We’re thrilled to be part of the MobilityXlab program and can’t wait to demonstrate the benefits of a truly decentralized network for mobility more broadly, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication in particular.”

Minima to help create Vehicle-2-Vehicle communication

Minima joins another 10 startups from around the world on this project, and will partner leading companies in the auto-mobility industry to help bring these innovations to the market.

Partners will include Ericsson, CEVT, Polestar, Volvo Cars, and Volvo Group & Zenseact among others.

Minima is expected to begin work on the solutions in August 2022, and will include the use of Layer1 security and decentralization to connect cars, allowing for greater security of data through immutable and censor resistant transfers. 

The Peer-2-Peer (P2P) network of connected node will also allow for more than just chat and communication. According to the platform, the innovation is set to bring the benefits of rewards, loyalty programs and sharing to connected vehicles.

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