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Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Retreats As Pepe Coin, Optimism (OP) Surge


The crypto prices today were in the negative territory, a day after the U.S. Commerce Department released the PCE inflation data. Meanwhile, inflation seems to be declining, as evidenced by the latest data, which has also fuelled market confidence while boosting the Fed’s rate-cut bets.

However, despite the milder inflation figures, the crypto prices have declined today, especially with the slump in the largest crypto market cap. Analysts suggest this market dip might be due to a pause after the recent bull run, with investors now anticipating a potential Santa Claus rally that might push prices higher.

In the crypto prices today, the Bitcoin price was down 1.46% to $43,466.57 during writing, while its trading volume slipped 8.5% to $20.53 billion. Meanwhile, the crypto has touched crossed the $44,000 market, touching a high of $44,367.96 in the last 24 hours.

On the other hand, the Ethereum price was up 0.80% to $2,276.52 as of writing on December 23, with its trading volume soaring 26.57% to $16.19 billion. In contrast, the BNB price decreased by 2.31% to $266.57, while its trading volume plunged 16.17% to $995.39 million.

Meanwhile, the Solana price, which has noted strong gains over the last few days, was down 4.03% to $94.03 during writing, and its trading volume was down 17.45% to $4.46 billion. In addition, the XRP price plummeted 1.13% to $0.6138 during writing.

The meme coins segment also depicts the same picture as most of the major crypto prices. As of writing, the Dogecoin price was down 1.20% to $0.0927, and its trading volume was down 35.9% to $561.98 million. Simultaneously, the Shiba Inu price ticked down 0.15% to $0.00001056 from yesterday.

The global crypto market, following a decline in the major crypto prices, dipped 1.02% from yesterday to $1.65 trillion. In contrast, the trading volume of the overall market surged 2.38% to $69.66 billion. Notably, the fear and greed index of the market stood at 75, suggesting a hovering bullish or “greed” sentiment in the market.

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The Top Crypto Prices For Today Are

Pepe Coin Adds 15%

The Pepe Coin crypto surprised the market watchers on Saturday with its recent gains, after a turbulent journey over the last few days. As of writing, the popular meme coin, Pepe Coin price was up 14.80% and traded at $0.000001478, while its trading volume over the last 24 hours skyrocketed 265.33% to $367.14 million. With its recent gains, the crypto has added over 8% in the last seven days.

Pepe Coin Chart  Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Retreats As Pepe Coin, Optimism (OP) Surge svg xml  3Csvg 20xmlns
Pepe Coin Chart

Optimism (OP) Surges 28%

The Optimism price was up 28.24% and traded at $3.24 during writing on December 23, suggesting the growing confidence of the investors. Meanwhile, the trading volume of the crypto has also witnessed a significant surge of 236.39% to $1.14 billion at the same time. Over the last seven days, the crypto has added over 51% as of writing.

Optimism (OP) Crypto Chart  Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Retreats As Pepe Coin, Optimism (OP) Surge svg xml  3Csvg 20xmlns
Optimism (OP) Crypto Chart

aelf (ELF) Soars 25%

The aelf crypto was another top percentage gainer in the crypto market today, that has gained notable traction from the market participants. Meanwhile, the aelf price was up 25.05% to $0.9668 during writing, with its trading volume rocketing 214.36% over the last 24 hours to $86.39 million. Notably, the ELF price has added nearly 15% over the last seven days.

ELF Crypto Chart  Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Retreats As Pepe Coin, Optimism (OP) Surge svg xml  3Csvg 20xmlns
ELF Crypto Chart

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Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Retreats As Pepe Coin, Optimism (OP) Surge svg xml  3Csvg 20xmlns

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