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Car giant Hyundai unveils Metaverse plans with NFTs and virtual products


According to a Twitter post by Mike Kondoudis (trademark attorney), South Korean car giant Hyundai has unveiled its metaverse plans with NFTs and virtual products. Hyundai is planning to offer non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and also publish NFT-backed content for the media.

In addition, the car giant company shall also issue Hyundai virtual products like toys for simulation and virtual reality, sports equipment, headgear, clothing, sports gear, footwear, eyewear, pictures, and work of art.

In the release, Hyundai also provided a short film clip providing details about the ‘’metamobility’’ concept.

Major brands jump into the metaverse bandwagon

Hyundai is not the first automobile company to venture into the NFT world. It joined other renowned car manufacturers like Mercedes Benz in April. However, Hyundai took a step further to create a community collection that sets it apart from its competitors.

Other prominent brands like Chevron, a huge energy giant, also dived into the metaverse world offering a wide selection of virtual goods like gas, fuel, and renewable energy products. It’s worth noting that since October, jobs related to metaverse have increased by about 380%.

However, the metaverse industry might be heading for an identity crisis after Vitalik Buterin, one of the Ethereum co-founders and programmer, stated that there is no clear definition of the metaverse and no exact technology associated with it. 

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