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Can Bitcoin Bulls Propel Prices to $53K-$57K Pre-Halving?


Amid the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, the cryptocurrency market demonstrates an increase in trading activity and market sentiment that points out the probability of significant price movement. Similarly, Bitcoin has recently achieved a significant milestone during the rally, breaking the 0.618 retracement level for the first time before a halving event.

This development marks a solid start to a new bull cycle, possibly setting the stage for an unconventional cycle compared to its predecessors. Concurrently, Michael Van De Poppe has projected that Bitcoin is on the cusp of a potentially substantial bull run, with price targets between $53,000 and $57,000 before the much-anticipated halving event. 

Bitcoin’s Technical Outlook and Market Sentiment

As pointed out by crypto analyst Ali Martinez in his analysis for lower timeframes, Bitcoin is building an ascending triangular formation, which indicates a 1.60% uptrend in the short term, having $ 50,200 as resistance and $ 50.000 as support.

Investors are following these levels because a breakthrough of resistance might confirm the bullish trend, whereas a rebound below support may signal only a temporary pause.

Additionally, the Crypto Fear and Greed index also achieved its highest scale, previously in November 2021, when Bitcoin was at its all-time high of $69,000. The indicator is now in the “extreme greed” zone, which suggests that buying activity may increase further as a result of this market sentiment. This emotional atmosphere and the Bullish technical setup offer a Bitcoin bullish phase in the weeks before halving.

Institutional Influence and ETFs

The US spot Bitcoin ETFs’ launching has been a catalyst for the current surge. As per the experts at Bernstein, ETFs are expected to have an impressive effect that could result in a huge influx of institutional investors in Bitcoin. Consequently, the prices could rise even further. 

The widespread legitimization of Bitcoin through ETFs, corporate adoption as a mode of payment, and even its being used as a legal currency in a country like El Salvador are indicators of its growing acceptance in the mainstream.

Bitcoin ETFs are emerging as a crucial catalyst, with nearly $1 billion flowing into these new investment vehicles in recent trading sessions. This shift indicates increasing confidence among investors, signaling a maturing market that could be less susceptible to the speculative volatility of past cycles.

Bitcoin Market Trend

Nevertheless, Bitcoin’s incredible revival to $50,000 has not translated into an increased public interest trend by Google search trends. This apparent inconsistency indicates a transition in the market’s pattern where the current bubble may be fueled by a wave of smart investor activity rather than a retail frenzy. The resistance of Bitcoin investors, usually dubbed Diamond hands, shows the commitment to the long-term potential of Bitcoin.

On the other hand, the recent US inflation report has become a cause for concern as Bitcoin has seen a slight decline owing to the stronger-than-anticipated inflation figures, which have reduced the rate cut expectations. 

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