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“Bought 2 Bitcoin Each For My 7 Kids”- 2024 US Prez Candidate RFK Jr.


Crypto News: US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he took the money from his Monsanto case check and bought each of his 7 children 2 Bitcoin each. He spoke at length in a Wednesday Twitter space along with some of the well known faces in the crypto market. Kennedy Jr. explained how the crypto market investments have the potential to bring out the poor out of poverty. The presidential candidate said there was a need to encourage the usage of Bitcoin by eliminating capital gains tax and turn it into a currency.

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The US Presidential Candidate is heading towards becoming one of the most popular figures to support Bitcoin, among the likes of El Salvador president Nayib Bukele.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Bought Bitcoin For His Children

Kennedy Jr. said Bitcoin allows small investors to actually have an inflation-proof currency. And that gives them freedom as against the holding of fiat currency which is at the mercy of the system. He said he had invested in 2 Bitcoin each for the sake of each of his seven children. He spilled the beans on his Bitcoin investments:

“Right after the Bitcoin conference, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and bought 2 Bitcoin for each of my 7 children.”

In May 2023, Robert Kennedy Jr. made history by becoming the first presidential candidate to accept Bitcoin campaign donations. He had recently promised to back the US dollar with Bitcoin and end Bitcoin taxes. Also, Kennedy Jr. spoke on the need for giving the US citizens the right to self-custody their Bitcoin. The Twitter spaces was jointly hosted by crypto influencer Scott Melker, Mark Moss, Natalie Brunell, Marty Bent and Robert Breedlove.

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