Bitwise Drops New Ad, Tips Wider Blockchain Adoption

Bitwise Drops New Ad, Tips Wider Blockchain Adoption

Asset management firm, Bitwise released a new advert portraying the increased adoption of blockchain technology. In the last couple of years, blockchain and crypto have notched wider mainstream adoption hitting untapped markets. This led to assets like Bitcoin hitting all-time highs. 

Bitwise Ad Shows Flip Towards Blockchain Adoption

In a June 27 commercial, the investment firm portrayed two people, a young crypto-friendly user and an older man in traditional finance. The traditional finance investor changed his shirt to a pro-blockchain top signifying the recent switch by centralized firms to crypto. Ironically, some of these firms were once against crypto assets.

Big finance, did you change… No, I’m always like this. Wanna hang out? Wen Moon mehn. Do you even know what that means? No, I do not.” 

Furthermore, Bitwise shows the different age demographics coming into the Bitcoin market as adoption soars. The increasing price and investment opportunities have ignited this surge with some not so familiar with how the technology works. This year, Bitcoin price went above $73,000 hitting new gigs before the market correction on the bearish outlook.

The ad used the phrase wen moon which is popular among crypto circles when users ask for the next bull run. Crypto investors and meme coin enthusiasts are often on the watch for the next price surge. This phrase gained popularity in 2017 when BTC prices skyrocketed.

Bitcoin ETFs Remain At The Fore

Without a doubt, the anticipation and success of Bitcoin ETFs led to increased institutional activity in the market. Bitwise and other crypto ETF providers created a new window for traditional firms to increase their exposure to the market. As inflows surge, many traditional firms have shifted their stance towards the market. 

Last month, multiple firms revealed their ETF exposure signaling increased activities. Similarly, crypto is now an election issue with US lawmakers also changing their inclination on the subject. 

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