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Bitcoin Evangelist Fred Krueger Calls Solana Innovations ‘Pure Science Fiction’


In a recent update on the X platform, renowned Bitcoin evangelist Fred Krueger unveiled his anticipation for what he deems the “biggest event in the history of Bitcoin” while questioning the recent hype behind Solana. Meanwhile, as the crypto community eagerly awaits the potential approval of the Bitcoin Spot ETF in early January, Krueger takes a critical stance on the current Solana hype, dubbing its innovations as nothing more than “pure science fiction.”

Bitcoin ETF Approval Looms Large

Fred Krueger’s fervent optimism for the imminent approval of the Bitcoin ETF echoes through the crypto space. He predicts a transformative impact, proclaiming, “This is going to change everything.”

Krueger envisions a groundbreaking shift as the ETF opens doors for the general public, enabling anyone with a brokerage account to invest in Bitcoin directly. Notably, he predicts the SEC to give a green signal to a Spot ETF between January 8 and January 10.

Meanwhile, highlighting the significance of this development, he notes that the influx of new funds won’t be limited to traditional crypto exchanges like Coinbase. Instead, the real discourse is anticipated to shift from the confines of crypto Twitter to mainstream financial platforms like CNBC. Krueger’s emphasis on this monumental shift brings forth a fresh perspective amid the prevailing Solana fervor.

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Fred Krueger Slams Solana’s Innovation As “Pure Science Fiction”

Contrary to the crypto community’s fixation on Solana’s recent surge, Krueger remains unimpressed, dismissing it as a distraction from the impending Bitcoin revolution. He questions the rationale behind the hype surrounding Solana’s FireDancer, labeling it as “pure science fiction” with no tangible use case.

In addition, Krueger takes a swipe at the proclaimed “killer apps” on Solana—games, social, and ticketing—branding them as fantasies. Meanwhile, he critiques Solana’s gaming capabilities, citing its lag behind other blockchains, and expresses skepticism about the integration of social platforms and ticketing on the Solana network.

Despite acknowledging the unpredictability of the crypto market, Krueger remains unwavering in his focus on Bitcoin, highlighting the enduring strength of the pioneer cryptocurrency.

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