Avalanche Drops, Litecoin Faces Resistance, Borroe.Finance Passes $1.1 Million

Avalanche Drops, Litecoin Faces Resistance, Borroe.Finance Passes $1.1 Million


Avalanche’s ($AVAX) market performance succumbs to bearish pressure, leaving its holders in panic. Elsewhere, Litecoin’s rising popularity on Bitpay is helping $LTC’s efforts to break above its current resistance. 

Meanwhile, Borroe.Finance ($ROE) seems to be in the green zone as its popularity skyrockets beyond expectations. $ROE’s numbers have been impressive, but can they make it one of the top crypto coins over $AVAX and $LTC? Let’s discuss.

Avalanche holders panic as $AVAX drops below $10

The market slump of early September has taken a drastic toll on many top altcoins, including Avalanche. Despite Avalanche’s relatively high network activity, it faces significant bearish pressure in the market. 

The $AVAX token has fallen below double digits following the market downturn. $AVAX was trading at $10.37 on August 28. On September 1, the market slumped, causing $AVAX to fall by 4.3% to $9.92. 

The market fell after the SEC asked Spot Bitcoin ETF applicants to wait until October for its response. Investor sentiment for networks like Avalanche ($AVAX) dropped sharply after the news. Avalanche’s partnerships in the DeFi sector have been rising. Yet, they have been unable to help Avalanche’s ($AVAX) market prospects. 

Even worse, the effects of the market slump on Avalanche don’t seem like waning any time soon. As of September 18, $AVAX was trading at $9.20. Yet, investors expect $AVAX to drop to $9.01 due to Avalanche’s current bearish momentum.

Litecoin ($LTC) struggles to break above $65

Although affected by the crash of September 2023, Litecoin’s ($LTC) network performance has been high. Likewise, Litecoin’s investor sentiment has risen steadily, giving $LTC enough momentum to start a recovery. 

$LTC was trading at $63.01 on September 1 after the market crash. It recovered by 4.7% to $66.00 on September 15. However, $LTC dropped by 3.6% to $63.58 on September 17.

The resilience of $LTC is probably due to Litecoin’s skyrocketing market performance. By August 27, Litecoin’s usage on Bitpay had surged by over 50%. Now, some analysts say Litecoin’s strong network performance could mean it’s finally becoming a worthy challenger to Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin remains the largest cryptocurrency, Litecoin’s reliability as a payment provider has increased in the past few months. As of September 18, $LTC was trading at $65.79. Yet, $LTC could rise to $72.35 following an increase in demand for Litecoin’s payment services.

Borroe.Finance: world’s first invoice Web3 discounting marketplace

The web 3.0 industry’s demand for instant funding is set to benefit from the upcoming launch of Borroe.Finance. Via a peer-to-peer ecosystem, Borroe.Finance helps companies find instant cash for their daily business needs. It leverages revenue financing to create a smooth, efficient fundraising marketplace that meets users’ needs quickly and cheaply. To buy $ROE tokens, click here.

Borroe.Finance ($ROE) asks companies to turn their future and outstanding revenue into fractionalized NFTs. These fractionalized NFTs act as collateral for taking loans. Once completed, these NFTs would be sold on Borroe.Finance’s marketplace. 

In addition, Borroe.Finance encourages the inclusion of discounts, which boosts the approval chances of each loan request.

The platform rewards buyers and sellers for staying active on its marketplace. There are also rewards for loan repayments. Borroe.Finance offers higher privacy and anonymity alongside a simplified fee structure. Furthermore, Borroe.Finance offers real-time invoice tracking.

Out of the current new ICOs, Borroe.Finance seems to be one of the fastest-growing low-cost, high-reward investment opportunities. The market is already opening up to the project, as over 90 million $ROE tokens have been sold. 

Now, $ROE is in Stage 1 of its presale and its current price is $0.0125. However, its earliest backers already enjoy a 25% ROI as it moved from its first price of $0.0100. By Stage 2 of $ROE’s presale, its value could rise to $0.0150. By then, $ROE’s earliest backers would have gained a 50% profit.

To learn more about Borroe.Finance ($ROE) Visit Borroe.Finance ($ROE) Presale | Join The Telegram Group | Follow Borroe on Twitter

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