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Anthony Scaramucci and Peter Schiff Spar Over Bitcoin as Inflation Hedge


In a live debate on YouTube sponsored by ZeroHedge, high-ranking figures squared off regarding the role of Bitcoin (BTC) and gold as inflation hedges. Anthony Scaramucci from SkyBridge Capital, together with Peter Schiff, a recognized Bitcoin skeptic, headed the conversation. Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift, and Nouriel Roubini, an economics professor at NYU joined them. The argument revolved around whether Bitcoin could compete with or even exceed gold as a store of value in periods of inflation.

To start the debate, Peter Schiff pointed out that Bitcoin’s digital currency was not functional. He said that Bitcoin’s slow speed and high transaction costs are obstacles to its daily use. According to Schiff, supporters of Bitcoin mistakenly label it as “digital gold.” He noted that, unlike gold, Bitcoin does not have any tangible utility and intrinsic value that are essential for long-term value.

In defense, Anthony Scaramucci defended BTC, stressing its fixed supply and the possibility of storing value for a long time. He observed that gold’s industrial usage constitutes only a small portion of its value, although it is seen as a store of value in general. In his opinion, Bitcoin is also characterized by this feature, with added advantages of portability and growing acceptance that could improve its standing with time.

Peter Schiff Critiques Bitcoin Role in Inflation Hedge

Anthony Scaramucci emphasized the unique characteristics of BTC as a digital asset. He compared Bitcoin to inherently deflationary, like gold, but allowed for more mobile and transferable. The likely future stock to be used readily in the financial market is Bitcoin due to the kind of trajectory the adoption of its growth has.

On the contrary, Peter Schiff argued that Bitcoin’s value is based mostly on speculation rather than any real use. He emphasized the physical attributes of gold that allow for its continued use and its intrinsic value, an aspect he does not see possible in BTC. Schiff’s position is part of a more general distrust of digital currencies’ existence as a good long-term investment by some investors.

The discussion also considered the wider ramifications of cryptocurrency dispersion for conventional financial systems. Both Schiff’s and Scaramucci’s ideas concern the possible influence that digital currencies might have on economic policies and the global banking system. This debate pointed out the continual change of financial assets and their functions in economic stability.

BTC Market performance

In the last 24-hours, Bitcoin has experienced small market fluctuations. Based on the TradingView data, the price of Bitcoin started just a bit below its previous close. It experienced a short hike in the early hours, only to be followed by a short decline. During the day, the cryptocurrency price went up to its peak before falling.


As of the latest update, BTC was trading at $63,541, marking a 2.69% increase from the previous day. Despite a monthly decline of 3.79%, the six-month outlook shows an impressive 81.16% rise. This volatility underscores the ongoing debates about Bitcoin’s viability as an investment and a hedge against inflation.

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